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Mobility Programs

TAI Madrid School of the Arts, accredited by the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, fosters international mobility by developing academic exchange agreements with Universities and Art Schools all over the world.

TAI is building relationships with educational institutions in many countries in order to grow mobility programs, both for TAI students who wish to complete their studies outside Spain and for students who want to come to Madrid, in an exchange programme for a semester or a year at TAI.

TAI University Center for the Arts has been granted the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) by the European Commission until 2020:


TAI International Mobility Programas for students: Erasmus+ y TAI Global

TAI International Staff Exchange




Erasmus + is the European programme for education, training, youth and sport for the 2014-2020 period. This unique programme seeks to increase employment prospects and personal development and help our education, training and youth systems to provide teaching and learning that gives young people the skills needed for the jobs market and the current and future society.

In the field of education, Erasmus + aims to modernize and improve higher education in Europe and the rest of the world and offers multiple opportunities to students from all over the world, helping them improve their skills and job prospects.

The Erasmus + programme offers the opportunity for TAI undergraduate students to take one or more semesters at one of the European universities with which TAI has agreements. These exchanges have, traditionally and according to availability of European funds, an economic endowment thanks to the Erasmus + grants provided by the European Union and the Spanish Ministry of Education.



The TAI Global programme administers mobility with universities in countries not included in the Erasmus + program. Scholarships and financial grants are dependent on the agreements with the universities, and the countries or entities that are parties to them; however, it should be noted that such grants are rarely available.



  • Destination universities: Here is a list of the universities that TAI has an exchange agreement with. Here you can also see a description of the universities and cities. This list will be updated year by year
  • Call for Applications: Each year, TAI organizes information workshops for its students interested in participating in an Erasmus + or TAI Global mobility program. The dates of the workshops, the publication of the official Call for Applications, as well as all necessary documents and requirements will be posted on TAI’s Virtual Campus and communicated to students through the usual communication channels.
  • Outgoing student guide: For more information about the application process, allocation of placements, the different steps to follow and other considerations, you can consult the Outgoing Student Guide.




If you are an international student and want to study at TAI under the Erasmus+ or TAI Global exchange programme, take a look at our Undergraduate degrees in Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts, Contemporary Music Composition, Fine Arts and Design, Photography , Scenic Arts and contact us at: Live the TAI experience in Madrid, and develop and engage your creativity!

Please note that TAI and your university must first have established an exchange agreement in order for you to participate in an exchange programme with us. You can suggest a new agreement by contacting your home University and TAI at Our International Department will be happy to assist you.

At TAI, all our courses are taught in Spanish; therefore, a minimum level of B1 is desirable and a minimum B2 level optimal to follow the classes. Nevertheless, TAI is flexible on this issue and will consider cases on an individual basis.

Your university can find here some useful details in our Fact Sheet of the Mobility Programs for the academic course 2018-19.



  • Nomination: To apply for an exchange mobility to come to TAI you must first be nominated by your university, which must have an exchange agreement with TAI.
  • Requirements:
    For us to process your application and mobility exchange at TAI, you must send us the following documents:

    • Completed and signed application form. You can download the application here.
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Transcript of records
    • Motivation letter
    • Personal portfolio
    • Passport copy

    Once we have received all of this information to, we will send you a message of confirmation. After all the documentation has been reviewed by TAI and considered in light of the number and type of places available, a decision will be taken about your acceptance as an exchange student at TAI.

  • Application Deadlines: The deadlines for submitting applications are as follows depending on which semester you want to study:
    • For a full academic year or Fall Semester: April 30th
    • For the Spring Semester only: September 30th
  • Portfolio: What should I include in my portfolio? Your portfolio is your chance to show us who you are. It should favour quality over quantity, include materials related to your projects and their creation process, specify your role and include a brief critical analysis of each one. You can send us our portfolio as a PDF file. For multimedia files, open links to Vimeo, Youtube, Wetransfer… can also be included.
  • Learning Agreement: Once you have been accepted, the next step will be to establish your specific curriculum at TAI through a signed Learning Agreement. This document will list the courses you will take at TAI and their equivalencies at your home University. This process will be done on the advice of the academic exchange coordinators at your home university and TAI.


Click here to download more information about what Madrid has to offer as well as other important information about accommodations and the life in the city.

If you have any questions relating to TAI’s
international programmes, contact
our International Department at
and we will be happy to assist you.


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